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O'Reilly's is located on the western edge of World Heritage listed Lamington National Park.

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The following walks are listed from the shortest to the longest in duration.

Box Forest

Return Distance 10.6km

Time 4 - 5 Hours

The Box Forest Track leaves the Picnic Rock track 2.7 km from the entrance and is a most rewarding circuit walk. The track winds down through stands of Brush Box and Piccabeen Palms, to the lush sub-tropical rainforest along Canungra Creek. Pepper Vines cling to tall trees that often support spectacular tree gardens.

Turn right at the next track junction. During wet times, you will have to wade through the water when crossing above Wajinya Falls. The track continues near the top of the falls on the other side. Darragumai Falls and Picnic Rock are considered good lunch spots. Don't miss Box Log and Elabana Falls on the way home.

Mount Bithongabel

Return Distance 12.6 km

Time 5 Hours

The Main Border Track to Mount Bithongabel climbs 240 metres: observe the change from sub-tropical to temperate forest. The typical buttressed trees such as figs, Giant Stinging Trees and booyongs are gradually replaced by the small-leaved temperate species. Good examples of Antarctic Beech are growing in the area around Mount Bithongabel.

The view from Bithongabel Lookout allows one to trace Bernard O'Reilly's journey when searching for the lost Stinson in 1937, along the McPherson Range to the West as far as Mount Throakban.

Continue past some large tree ferns on the left to Toolona Lookout where a view can be obtained of Mount Warning and Murwillumbah. The beech trees are a rewarding sight even if the view should be obscured by mist.

Blue Pool and West Canungra Creek Circuit

Return Distance 10 km

Time 3.5 Hours

Return Distance via Box Forest 1.4 km

Return Distance via Elabana Falls 14.4 km

Time each 5 - 6 Hours

There is a 400 metre drop in elevation from O'Reilly's to Blue Pool.

Stairway Falls

Return Distance from Blue Pool 3.5 km

The Blue Pool Track branches left from the Main Border Track 230 metres from the entrance and winds down through outstanding sub-tropical rainforest. The track passes through stands of Red Cedar, Booyong, Giant Stinging Trees and Hoop Pine, often supporting large staghorns. The track to Stairway Falls crosses the creek 6 times.

If returning via Canungra Creek Circuit, it is a good idea to lunch upstream from Blue Pool to shorten the afternoon walk. This gives you more time to appreciate the rainforest and waterfalls, and to negotiate the numerous creek crossings. At the next junction, you have the choice of returning via Box Forest or Elabana Falls (see Box Forest Walk).

Alternate route to Blue Pool via Bull Ant Spur: ask directions.

Cainbable Falls

Return Distance from Track Entrance Duck Creek Road (4WD Track) 1.1 km

Time 3.5 Hours

Track entrance is 3.5 km from O'Reilly's.

This track is not sign posted or well defined. Ask directions before attempting it. Cainbable Falls only flows after rain.

Proceed along the main road for 2.5km to the Duck Creek Road turn off (4WD's only). Follow it for 1km past a view of Luke's Farm to the Cainbable Track entrance which branches to the right near an open area suitable for parking. The track soon enters a dry type rainforest with typical species of Hoop Pine and Crow's Ash.

The rainforest is quite open in places and care should be taken when following this old riding track. The route leads down through the moss forest to Cainbable Creek, past the Snigging Track turn-off to a view point overlooking the falls.

Follow the cliff to the top of the rise where the Bullock Track leaves the edge. This old logging track joins the 4WD road along Belson's Ridge. Keep left for O'Reilly's via the Duck Creek Road.

Toolona Creek and Mount Wanungra

Return Distance 18 km

Time 6 Hours

Proceed to Picnic Rock and 200 metres further on, the Toolona Creek Track branches to the right, climbing 360 metres past waterfalls and sub-tropical rainforest trees decked with lush tree gardens.

The track enters the Antarctic Beech forest near Wanungara Lookout - a favourite lunch spot - 100 metres to the left from the junction with the Main Border Track.

Wanungara overlooks the Limpinwood Valley and Murwillumbah to the sea as far South as Byron Bay.

Mount Warning is prominent on the right and a view to the left over the ranges gives one a glimpse of Point Lookout on Stradbroke Island.

The 7.6 km trek home via Mount Bithongabel is mainly downhill and takes you past some lookouts and impressive old beech trees. This walk can be done anti-clockwise when the beauty of the tree gardens can be seen to better effect while walking down Toolona Creek.

Valley of Echoes via Albert River Circuit

Return Distance (round trip) 20.6 km

Time 6 - 7 Hours

The Albert River Track branches to the right from the Main Border Track 4.5km from the entrance. Some good specimens of Antarctic Beech grow on top of the climb where the track branches to the right. The following long descent ends where Lightning Falls drop into Black Canyon.

The track follows the Albert River up through temperate rainforest dominated by Coachwood with light coloured bark and the rough barked Antarctic Beech. This area is noted for its diversity of fern life.

Across the valley on the right from Valley of Echoes Lookout, are Mount Wapawn and Mount Durigan. A feature of these border ranges is the growth of rainforest on the precipitous sides.

Mount Warning is an old volcanic plug ending the reign of the giant Mount Warning Shield Volcano 23 million years ago. The remains of the rim still surround the crater (the Tweed Valley) on three sides and is visible from Mount Cominan Lookout. Behind, and to the right of Mount Warning, the Nightcap and Tweed Ranges can be seen forming the rim to the South and West joining the McPherson Range to the north.

The track returns to Queensland and to O'Reilly's via the Main Border Track.


O'Reilly's - Binna Burra

Forms part of the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk

One Way Distance 23 km

Time 6 - 7 Hours.

In 2008 Border Track linking O'Reilly's and Binna Burra was extended towards Springbrook, creating the iconic 'Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk'. The 'Great Walk' itself takes around three days to complete, however sections of the walk, such as the O'Reilly's - Binna Burra section along the Border Track, can be completed in 6 - 7 hours.

Challenge yourself on one of the 'iconic' walks of World Heritage Lamington National Park. Experience the natural beauty of Lamington on this 23km self-guided walk through subtropical rainforests and areas of Antarctic Beech forest, to the crest of the Border Range, with extensive views over the Tweed Valley and Mount Warning.

Proceed along the Main Border Track past the Mount Wanungara and several other border lookouts. Continue down the ridge to Binna Burra or, if time permits, make a worthwhile diversion down the Coomera River past the spectacular Coomera Falls (an additional 2.3km).


Self-guided walks depart from O'Reilly's every Saturday at 8:00am with the transfer to Binna Burra for the start of the walk (leading from Binna Burra back to O'Reilly's). Bookings are essential and are subject to availability.

Cost: $29.00 per person for inhouse or non-inhouse guests, including transfers from O'Reilly's to Binna Burra and a track map. Subject to minimum numbers.
Packed lunches available with 24 hours notice (charges apply).

For more information on the Great Walks of Queensland, including Lamington National Park visit http://www.derm.qld.gov.au/

Other Walks - take note

The following trails can be dangerous for inexperienced hikers:

  • Fountain Falls
  • The Commando
  • Black Canyon
  • The Lost World
  • The Stinson

Do not attempt these without consulting the Park Ranger.