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Located in picturesque Canungra Valley Gold Coast Hinterland. The vineyard is a scenic 60 minute drive south of Brisbane and 35 minutes drive west of the Gold Coast.

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Our Wines

The O'Reilly's Wines portfolio has a broad range of wine styles and varietals to suit every palate, starting with our iconic Reserve Range. The O'Reilly family name is iconic in this region, so it is only fitting that our premium range carries the family name. Shane O'Reilly, currently Managing Director, represents the third generation to live and work at the famous Guesthouse, his uncle and father Vince and Pete, the second generation, and Bernard, Viola and Molly, the original pioneers.

Over the years our portfolio has extended to include wines that fall under our Platypus Range. To celebrate the family of platypus that live in Canungra Creek at the back of our property, we have named a range of wines after them! Platypus are typically fun loving critters, and their namesake wines are a great accompaniment to alfresco or veranda dining. They are young wines that celebrate their youth and vitality, and should be consumed before they are 5 years old.

It doesn't end there, O'Reilly's Canungra Valley Vineyards also offer a fun and fruity picnic range and a market-leading organic white and red. Visit our online store today and purchase some wines with great dimension for your next dinner party or special event!


Wine List


Karma Reserve Sparkling Chambourcin
Picnic Bubbles
Silky Oak Liqueur Muscat
Platypus Play Devine Red
Lona Reserve Sparkling Semillon
Pete’s Port
Bernard Chambourcin Shiraz
Lona Sparkling Blush
Organic Red
Platypus Play Semillon Sauvignon Blanc
Shane Reserve Shiraz
Organic White
Viola Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Molly Chardonnay
Picnic Red
Vince Reserve Verdelho
  Picnic Moscato